Behind THE Barriers (Season 3) Ep.8


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    After spending a week in the Czech Republic, Jeremy is back on American soil for the US Gran Prix of Cyclocross Derby City Cup in Louisville, Kentucky. The Derby City Cup is everyone'™s first chance to take a look at the course that will be used for the World Championships in February, so the entire Rapha-Focus team is on hand for one of the season'™s most important races. Before he can even get to the team's housing, a little flight trouble on the way in strands Jeremy in Cleveland, where he finds refuge from an unlikely source. Jeremy is due in Louisville earlier in the week than usual, and for good reason he™s got a date with legendary Louisville disc jockey Terry Meiners of 84 WHAS Louisville. With the radio interview in the books, and after we learn that a good portion of the team is actually quite adept at things other than cyclocross“ namely the piano it's time to settle in and prepare for the weekend. Once the racing starts, however, it'™s all hands on deck, as Jeremy is seeking his fourth and fifth victories at Louisville's Eva Bandman Cyclocross Park. After taking the win on day one, Jeremy and the team only narrowly escape a citation from officer Stu Thorne, before heading home for a massage and a good night's sleep. Another tough day in the saddle awaits on Sunday, as Jeremy completes the clean sweep of the weekend, logging valuable experience on the World Championships course in the process. After a weekend of success, it'™s time to eat some cupcakes and watch a few episodes of Freaks and Geeks with the team.