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    Pro Men 2011 Mellow Johnny's Classic US Pro XCT Highlight Video


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    Video highlights from the Pro Men's race at the 2011 Mellow Johnny's Classic US Pro XCT. The Mellow Johnny's Classic mountain bike race has quickly become a staple on the domestic calender drawing thousands of racers to Dripping Springs, Texas for a weekend of off road racing on Lance Armstrong's private trails. Athletes featured in this video include Todd Wells, Max Plaxton, Adam Craig, Sid Taberlay, Sam Schultz, Jason Sager, Ryan Woodall, and many more!

    1. Max Plaxton 2. Todd Wells 3. Sam Schultz 4. Ryan Woodall 5. Ignacio Torres 6. Spencer Paxson 7. Stephen Ettinger 8. Jason Sager 9. Mitch Hoke 10. Dana Webber 11. Justin Lindine 12. Drew Edsall 13. Seamus Powell 14. Sid Taberlay 15. Kerry Werner