The North American Cyclocross Trophy series kicked off it's final weekend of the year today in Southampton, NY. Elite men and women from across North America met on what everyone is calling the most fun course of the year.

The Elite Women's race saw a very large group of 10 stay together through the first lap and a half of the race. The peloton was finally split thanks to the attack of Amy Dombroski and the chase of Kelli Emmett. The two would take turns coming together and splitting apart until Dombroski was finally able to make her acceleration stick with 2 laps to go. Georgia Gould rode just off the back of leaders all day and finished 3rd. 4th-7th was a hard fought battle between LVG, Natasha Elliott, Mo Bruno, and Mary M. No one could get away and they would come to the line all together for a four up sprint. LVG led the way ahead of Mary, Natasha, and Mo. 

The Men's race started and looked like another edition of Ryan Trebon vs The World as a lead group formed at the front including Trebon (Kona), Tim Johnson, Jeremy Powers, and Jamey Driscoll (all three of the C-dale. CXworld team.) Trebon led the group around for a couple laps before catching a a bundle of grass in his drivetrain and having to make an untimely dismount. Johnson took advantage of the situation and moade the move that would give him the victory. J Pows had a great return from the pig flu to finish third ahead of teammate Driscoll in 3rd. trebon rode around in no man's land for 40 minutes and finished 4th.

1 Timothy Johnson (USA) 0:59:24 
2 Jeremy Powers (USA) 0:00:29 
3 James Driscoll (USA) 0:00:40 
4 Ryan Trebon (USA) Kona-FSA Cyclocross Team 0:01:19 
5 Christopher Jones (USA) Team Type 1 0:01:37 
6 Adam Craig (USA) 0:01:44 
7 Mike Garrigan (Can) 0:02:27 
8 Derrick St John (Can) Stevens 
9 Carl Decker (USA) 0:02:55 
10 Valentin Scherz (Swi) Pro Cycles-Scott-Newwork 0:03:15 
11 Joshua Dillon (USA) 0:03:51 
12 Tyler Trace (Can) 0:04:20 
13 Shannon Skeritt (USA) 0:04:37 
14 Andrew Wulfkuhle (USA) 
15 Michael Broderick (USA) 
16 Peter Bradshaw (USA) 0:05:54 
17 Ryan Dewald (USA) 
18 Kevin Hulick (USA) 
19 Lisban Quintero Blandon (Col) 
20 Chris Hurst (USA) 
21 Patrick Bradley (USA) 
22 Kirt Fitzpatrick (USA) 
23 Kevin Noiles (Can) 
24 John Burns (USA) 
25 Pavel Gonda (Cze) 
26 Christopher Hamlin (USA) 
27 Andrew Crooks (USA) 
28 Rickey Visinski (USA) 
29 Gavin Mannion (USA) 
30 Colin Reuter (USA) 
31 Zachary Adams (USA) 
32 Myles Romanow (Can) 

1 Amy Dombroski (USA) 0:39:21 
2 Kelli Emmett (USA) Giant 0:00:20 
3 Georgia Gould (USA) Luna 0:01:03 
4 Laura Van Gilder (USA) C3 Athletes Serving Athletes 0:01:10 
5 Mary Mcconneloug (USA) 0:01:13 
6 Natasha Elliott (Can) EMD Serono-Stevens 
7 Maureen Bruno Roy (USA) 
8 Andrea Smith (USA) 0:02:47 
9 Sara Bresnick (USA) 0:03:27 
10 Anna Barensfeld (USA) 
11 Lyne Bessette (Can) 0:04:18 
12 Linnea Koons (USA) 0:04:48 
13 Sally Annis (USA) 0:05:23 
14 Anna Young (USA) 0:05:31 
15 Perri Mertens (Aus) 0:05:57 
16 Christina Tamilio (USA) 0:06:36 
17 Emma Bast (USA) 
18 Natalia Gardiol (USA) 
19 Amy Breyla (USA) 
20 Andrea Luebbe (USA)